What can I learn from C-Fern?

You can use C-Fern to investigate a wide variety of biological principles, scientific methods and laboratory techniques!

  • For grades 7 – 12 and college-level biology
  • Simple and rapid set up by teacher or students
  • Explore a broad spectrum of biological principles
  • Introduces simple, failproof axenic culture techniques
  • Highly Adaptable – from teacher demonstrations to student initiated learning
  • Rapid gametophyte development from spores over a 14 day period
  • Observe the release of swimming sperm and their attraction to eggs under a stereomicroscope.
  • Visualize fertilization and early embryo development, all in a single petri dish
  • Two distinct sexual types – hermaphrodites and males
  • Simple genetics with striking visible mutant phenotypes – e.g., polka dot
  • Spore to spore life cycle in as little as 90 days. Sporophytes are long-lived , highly fertile, have a sturdy upright growth habit and produce spores with no after-ripening requirement