Overview of Equipment and Supplies

For classroom or independent investigations, the following materials and supplies may be necessary.

 Culture Media and Media Preparation (per liter of prepared medium)

  • inorganic salts for Basic C-Fern Nutrient Media OR pre-packaged OR prepared Basic C-Fern Nutrient Medium If using inorganic salts, supplies for weighing and preparing stock solutions (see Basic C-Fern Nutrient Medium recipe)
  • 1 liter volumetric flask
  • 2 liter Erlenmeyer flask
  • volumetric measuring glassware (pipets, graduated cylinders)
  • distilled or deionized water
  • agar (specifically Bacto-agar)
  • pH meter and supplies for measuring and titrating pH
  • autoclave or pressure cooker
  • Petri dishes
  • laminar flow hood, sterile bench or equivalent

C-Fern Gametophyte Culture

  • C-Fern spores: pre-sterilized or bulk, unsterilized If unsterilized spores, supplies for spore sterilization (see)
  • sterile graduated conical tube
  • sterile transfer pipet
  • sterile distilled water
  • Petri dishes containing Basic C-Fern Nutrient Medium
  • sterile spore spreader
  • marking pen
  • Growth Pod or Culture Dome
  • continuous lighting of sufficient intensity (provided by a simple 40W fluorescent lighting fixture)
  • thermometer to monitor culture temperature of 28 °C

C-Fern Gametophyte Observation

  • stereomicroscope and/or compound microscope
  • tools for manipulation and transfer of gametophytes, e.g. forceps, needles, probes, toothpicks
  • microscope slides and coverslips
  • sterile distilled water

If using a kit-based investigation, some of the materials and supplies necessary for using C-Fern in the classroom are provided in the kit.