Culture Establishment – Inoculation or Sowing Spores

Inoculation or “Sowing” of C-Fern Spores on the agar surface. Figure 1. Supplies needed for sowing C-Fern spores Materials Surface sterilized C-Fern spores in a graduated spore vial. (Wild type (RNWT1) and mutant spores are available as pre-sterilized class sized and bulk unsterilized units. Bulk unsterilized spores and spores collected directly from sporophytes should be […]

Culture Environment – Lighting

Simple lighting setups can provide adequate illumination for gametophyte growth and can help control culture temperature Figure 1. C-Fern Growth Pod illuminated by a 15-watt screw-in fluorescent bulb placed in a small (ca. 6 in) reflective fixture. Once cultures have been inoculated with spores, place them into an appropriate environment that will provide a constant temperature, 28 […]

Culture Environment – Temperature, Humidity and Evaporation

An appropriate culture environment helps regulate temperature, humidity, evaporation, and helps give consistent results. Culture Containers Once cultures are inoculated with spores, place them into an appropriate culture container. Culture Dome – consisting of clean plastic greenhouse trays covered with transparent humidity domes. Culture Domes should be thoroughly clean to prevent contamination of cultures by […]

Growth and Timing of Gametophyte Development

Under standard culture conditions (temperature and illumination), spore germination and gametophyte development occur in a consistent pattern. Figure 1. C-Fern life cycle and timing of developmental events in cultures starting from single-celled spores Developmental timing depends on culture under standard temperature and light conditions, i.e. in the C-Fern Growth Pod a temperature of 28 °C […]