Sporophyte Culture – Mini-Terrarium

Simple setup for growing sporophytes without a greenhouse – observation of sporophyte development and spore production A plastic soda bottle makes a Mini-terrarium for the culture of C-Fern sporophytes Although most C-Fern investigations concentrate on gametophyte development and sexual reproduction through the early sporophyte stage, (14-21 days following sowing; DFS), extended observations of sporophyte development, […]

Sporophyte Culture – Transplantation

Transplant young sporophytes from agar culture to a soil mix in the greenhouse Materials Greenhouse Containers, Cubes or Pots Commercial Potting Soil or Mixture: ProMix® Potting Soil (used as is) OR Potting mixture (2 parts peat moss, 1 part vermiculite, 1 part perlite, adjusted to ca. pH 6.5 with 100 g agricultural lime per 10 […]

Sporophyte Culture – Fertilization

Appropriate fertilization of greenhouse grown sporophytes is necessary for consistent growth and production of fertile or spore-bearing fronds In general, a low rate of fertilization is required for C-Fern and most other ferns. Good growth and fertile frond production can be achieved with PETERS® General Purpose Fertilizer (20-20-20, N-P-K). A solution of 9.6 g/10 gallons […]

Sporophyte Culture – Cloning

Propagate marginal fronds buds from greenhouse plants by either direct cloning to a soil mix or by axenic cloning C-Fern produces numerous buds on the margins of fronds. Each of these buds can be readily cultured to maintain specific strains for spore production or for use as experimental tissue. Greenhouse Cloning Materials C-Fern buds Greenhouse […]

Collection of Spores

Harvest, collect and store spores from mature fertile fronds As C-Fern sporophytes mature they produce a heteromorphic sequence of fronds. The first fronds are entire; the subsequent ones become more and more lobed, then more and more dissected until ultimately filiform fronds are produced. Filiform fronds are characterized by a frond margin that is inrolled, […]

Overview of Equipment and Supplies

For classroom or independent investigations, the following materials and supplies may be necessary.  Culture Media and Media Preparation (per liter of prepared medium) inorganic salts for Basic C-Fern Nutrient Media OR pre-packaged OR prepared Basic C-Fern Nutrient Medium If using inorganic salts, supplies for weighing and preparing stock solutions (see Basic C-Fern Nutrient Medium recipe) […]