Growth and Timing of Gametophyte Development

Under standard culture conditions (temperature and illumination), spore germination and gametophyte development occur in a consistent pattern. Figure 1. C-Fern life cycle and timing of developmental events in cultures starting from single-celled spores Developmental timing depends on culture under standard temperature and light conditions, i.e. in the C-Fern Growth Pod a temperature of 28 °C […]

Preparation of Semi-Permanent Slides

Create semi-permanent microscope slides of gametophytes using a mixture of a stain in a combination clearing – fixative – preservative agent. Semi-permanent slides suitable for later observations or archival documentation can be prepared by mounting gametophytes in a Hoyer’s/Acetocarmine mixture. Hoyer’s Medium clears and preserves tissue; acetocarmine is one of the few stains stable in […]

Spore Mutagenesis with X-Rays

Have an old x-ray machine lying around. Use x-rays to effectively mutagenize spores for selection protocols Materials X-ray machine Petri Dish, glass Plastic sandwich bag C-Fern spores Materials and supplies for spore sterilization and culture inoculation  Methods SOAK SPORE Soak spores for 24 hours prior to sterilization and irradiation. STERILIZE SPORES Sterilize using standard methods […]

C-Fern Growth Pod

C-Fern Culture is now even easier using the C-Fern Growth PodCulturing C-Fern for teaching and independent student research projects is easier, more reliable, cheaper, and faster using this small growth chamber. Reduced space requirements and increased portability, along with the many advantages and features of C-Fern for the classroom, make this a sure bet for […]

C-Fern Light Stand

Make a Simple C-Fern Light Stand With inexpensive and simple materials you can easily construct a C-Fern light stand. MATERIALS PVC Pipe and Connectors The PVC pipe and fixtures, in a variety of sizes, are readily available in most self-serve home improvement stores. 10 feet (1” internal diameter, ID) PVC pipe 2 L-shaped PVC connectors […]