Classroom or Independent Research Using C-Fern – Large Data Sets, Qualitative and Quantitative Analyses

Several features make C-Fern ideal for individual or group experimentation and permit the rapid acquisition of very large data sets. Because C-Fern gametophytes are small, i.e. 0.5 – 3 mm at maturity, large populations consisting of 300 or more individuals can be cultured within small (60 x 15 mm) Petri dishes. Many Petri dishes, totaling […]

Research In The Classroom

How can you incorporate biological research into your classroom? How can you introduce students to the realistic application of the scientific method and provide for extensive authentic opportunities for extensive, repeated, long-term, open-ended research for students at all levels of sophistication? Though every classroom is unique, the study of a particular organism can provide the […]

Student Research Questions

C-Fern is an excellent tool for use in independent student research. Projects can be completely independent of the normal classroom activities or may be integrated with group exercises. Principal goals of independent research are to stimulate students’ interest in the subject by encouraging them to formulate questions and subsequently to design appropriate experiments that can […]

C-Fern: Root Tropism?

C-Fern: Root Tropism?The Brief Story Behind the Question Unlike animals, plants have limited power of movement and therefore respond to environmental stimuli in other ways. Major stimuli, such as gravity, light, and “touch” can produce a positive (towards) or negative (away from) response in plants by means of differential growth, in which different groups of cells […]

Contemporary Genetics Laboratory Manual

Contemporary Genetics Laboratory Manual OUT OF PRINT Available through used book dealers 2001. Rodney J. Scott 112 pages Morton Publishing Company , Englewood, CO USA (ISBN# 0-89582-571-6) The Contemporary Genetics Laboratory Manual uses several model systems (Caenorhabditis elegans, Ceratopteris richardii (C-Fern), Drosophila melanogaster, Arabidopsis thaliana) and teaches genetics concepts through the use of both Classical […]

Gametophyte Development and Sexual Reproduction in C-Fern

A basic laboratory investigation using C-Fern to examine spore germination, gametophyte development, and events surrounding sexual reproduction including swimming sperm. MATERIALS C-Fern Spores (C-Fern spores are easy to manipulate – they are exceptionally large for fern spores, about 120 μm diameter. Spores can be stored more or less indefinitely at room temperature. ) Cotton Tipped Swab, […]

Integration with National Science Education Standards

The National Science Education Standards (1996. National Research Council. Washington D.C.) comprise an integrated set of standards for science teaching, professional development for teachers of science, assessment in science education, science content, science education programs, and science education systems with the ultimate goal of developing a scientifically literate populace. As of 2013, the National Science Education […]

Alternation of Generations and Experimental Design: A Guided-Inquiry Lab Exploring the Nature of the her1 Developmental Mutant of Ceratopteris richardii (C-Fern)

Here’s another great example of using C-Fern in an inquiry-based laboratory. ABSTRACT Inquiry-based labs have been shown to greatly increase student participation and learning within the biological sciences. One challenge is to develop effective lab exercises within the constraints of large introductory labs. We have designed a lab for first-year biology majors to address two […]