C-Fern Product Distributors

To purchase C-Fern spores, growing supplies, and equipment, laboratory kits, and investigations and other products, please contact:

C-Fern Products

  • C-Fern wild type spores – bulk unsterilized or pre-measured, pre-sterilized
  • C-Fern F1 polka dot spores – pre-measured, pre-sterilized
  • C-Fern maleless (her1) spores – bulk unsterilized or pre-measured, pre-sterilized
  • C-Fern Basic Nutrient Medium – powdered or prepared
  • Meet the C-Fern Kit
  • C-Fern Life Cycle – Sex in a Dish – Kit and replacement
  • C-Fern Mendelian Genetics – Genetics in Action – Kit and replacement
  • C-Fern Population Density and Development – Pressures of Life – Kit and replacement
  • C-Fern Asexual and Sexual Reproduction Kit
  • C-Fern Manual
  • C-Fern CD-ROM
  • C-Fern Life Cycle Poster
  • C-Fern Culture Dome

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