Are there different kinds of C-Fern?

Most activities use the wild type C-Fern (RNWT1) spores also known as the C-Fern Standard Genotype. Refer to Mutants and Strategies for Mutant Selection for the many other strains derived from the wild type useful for investigations in development, genetics, physiology, and ecology. Below is a listing of commercially available strains.

Genotype Code Description
wild typeRNWT1Basic C-Fern genotype
malelessher1Does not form male gametophytes. Insensitive to the male-inducing pheromone
F1 polka dot cp/CPF1 gametophytes segregate in a ratio of 1 wild type to 1 polka dot. F2 sporophytes segregate in a ratio of 3 wild type to 1 polka dot.