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sample (sampling)

in statistics, a subset which is analyzed to be representative of the whole population

seed plant

a plant that bears seeds


in genetics, the separation during meiosis of a pair of alleles at a given locus, resulting in gametes containing only a single allele per locus

sexual reproduction

reproduction based on the reciprocal processes of meiosis and fertilization


the arial portion of a plant distinct from the root


a group of interbreeding individuals with similar characteristics

sperm (spermatozoid)

in ferns - a motile male gamete


single-celled haploid (1n) product of meiosis that germinates and develops into a gametophyte

spore mother cell

a diploid (2n) cell which undergoes meiosis to produce haploid (1n) spores


the macroscopic diploid vascular stage of the fern life cyclethat produces spores


a group of plants distinguished by a particular trait


the fusion of two gametes

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