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a measurement of the acidity or relative concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution ( pH = -log [H+]). A neutral solution is pH 7; an acidic solution less than 7 and a alkaline or basic solution greater than 7


the appearance of an organism that results from the interaction of its genotype and the environment


a substance produced by one individual of a species that affects the development of other individuals in a population


the food conducting tissue of a vascular plant

photosynthesis (-tic)

a biochemical process in green plants by which (typically) carbohydrates are synthesized from carbon dioxide and water using light as an energy source and releasing oxygen as a byproduct


any of a number of organic molecules that absorb and reflect light of particular wave lengths


having more than double the basic chromosome number

prothallus (also prothallium)

a structure produced from a developing spore that bears sex organs; sometimes used interchangeably with gametophyte


a term commonly referring to ferns and fern allies such as horsetails and clubmosses

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