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abscisic acid

a plant hormone; it reduces growth and sensitivity to antheridiogen in C-Fern gametophytes


one of the alternative forms of a gene that occurs at the same locus

alternation of generations

life cycle alternating between gametophyte and sporophyte


in ferns, a chemical substance (pheromone) secreted by gametophytes that causes immature gametophytes to develop as males

antheridium (a)

a male sexual organ that produces sperm (spermatozoids); the sperm-producing sex organ of seedless plants, also fungi and algae

archegonial neck

the nipple-shaped external portion of an archegonium, below the base of which the egg is located

archegonium (a)

a female sexual organ that contains a single egg; the egg-producing sex organ of seedless plants - such as ferns and mosses


in biology, a culture of a particular organism that is entirely free from all other contaminating organisms

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