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quantitative data

data expressed as number, measurement or quantity


in genetics, a character state (or the allele that controls it) that is expressed in the phenotype only if another identical allele for the locus is present; a recessive allele can be masked by a dominant allele.


a clear thread-like cell visible in germinating spores and at the base of gametophytes


the vascular organ of sporophytes that is typically associated with the the substrate

root cap

the very tip portion of a root that is composed of a loose aggregation of friable cells

sample (sampling)

in statistics, a subset which is analyzed to be representative of the whole population

seed plant

a plant that bears seeds


in genetics, the separation during meiosis of a pair of alleles at a given locus, resulting in gametes containing only a single allele per locus

sexual reproduction

reproduction based on the reciprocal processes of meiosis and fertilization


the arial portion of a plant distinct from the root


a group of interbreeding individuals with similar characteristics

sperm (spermatozoid)

in ferns - a motile male gamete


single-celled haploid (1n) product of meiosis that germinates and develops into a gametophyte

spore mother cell

a diploid (2n) cell which undergoes meiosis to produce haploid (1n) spores


the macroscopic diploid vascular stage of the fern life cyclethat produces spores

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