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Here's a good place to start if you are new to C-Fern or just want a brief introduction of how you can use C-Fern in the classroom or for research. Here you will find an overview of what C-Fern is, what makes it ideal for teaching, how to grow and use it, what you can learn from it and other places to go for more information.

What is C-Fern®? PDF Print E-mail

C-Fern®is a specially derived cultivar of an unusual tropical fern, Ceratopteris richardii. C-Fern is a unique teacher and student-friendly instructional tool for the Biology classroom that is easy to grow and observe.

What is C-Fern® good for? PDF Print E-mail
What is C-Fern good for? Why use C-Fern? Why would you want to use a fern at all? The advantages of C-Fern as a model plant system derive from the unique features of its life cycle
How fast is the C-Fern® life cycle? PDF Print E-mail

Under the standard temperature and light conditions, C-Fern develops in about 10-12 days from a single-celled haploid spore to sexually mature gametophytes in which eggs are fertilized by sperm. Mature spores are produced by about 80-90 DFS.

Are there different kinds of C-Fern? PDF Print E-mail

Most activities use the wild type C–Fern (RNWT1) spores also known as the C–Fern Standard genotype . Other strains derived from the wild type are useful for investigations in development, genetics, physiology, and ecology. Below is a listing of possible available strains and a brief description.

How do I take care of C-Fern? PDF Print E-mail

Both C-Fern gametophytes and sporophytes are easy to culture in the classroom or in a research environment can be axenically cultured on simple inorganic media in petri dishes. Because they are free-living and autotrophic, easy and foolproof culture techniques allow both gametophytes and sporophytes to be conveniently cultured and manipulated with minimal training and equipment. These procedures comprise a valuable introduction to general sterile technique that can then be applied to more demanding plant or animal cell culture.

What can I learn from C-Fern? PDF Print E-mail
You can use C-Fern to investigate a wide variety of biological principles, scientific methods and laboratory techniques!
Where do I go to learn more about C-Fern? PDF Print E-mail

You can find out more about using C-Fern in the classroom, from laboratory investigations to student initiated and directed research and for all levels of other research by using this site.

Where can I obtain spores and growing supplies for C-Fern? PDF Print E-mail

To purchase C-Fern spores, growing supplies and other products, please contact a C-Fern vendor.


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