Make a Simple C-Fern Light Stand

With inexpensive and simple materials you can easily construct a C-Fern light stand.



PVC pipe and connectors. The PVC pipe and fixtures in a variety of sizes are readily available in most self-serve home improvement stores.

  • 10 feet (1” internal diameter, ID) PVC pipe
  • 2 L-shaped PVC connectors (1” ID)
  • 2 T-shaped PVC connectors (1” ID)
  • 4 PVC endcaps (1” ID)


  • hacksaw
  • tape measure
  • marker

ImageMARK pipe to correct lengths

* 4 - 6” ‘feet’

* 2 - 24” risers

* 1 - 24” or 48” crossbeam

CUT pipe using hacksawImage

light bank

  • Push pipe into connectors
  • Adjust feet so they are parallel
  • Keep it storable/portable - gluing is not necessary

Now your C-Fern light stand is ready for the lighting fixture of your choice.

When your Light Stand is finished, you’ll need a light source. For C-Fern, use a 2 foot fluorescent fixture (4 - F20 watt cool white bulbs) OR a 4 foot fluorescent fixture (2 - F40 watt cool white bulbs) OR 2 or more dome reflector fixtures with screw-in 25 watt fluorescent bulbs (100 watt equivalent). Grow your C-Fern cultures inside a Culture Dome or C-Fern Growth Pod under continuous light and at a temperature of about 28 C (82 F). Adjust temperature inside the Culture Dome or Growth Pod by varying the distance between it and the lights.