You can find out more about using C-Fern in the classroom, from laboratory investigations to student initiated and directed research and for all levels of other research by using this site.

The following sections provide additional and more detailed infomration about using C-Fern for teaching or research

  • Teaching with C-Fern - Additional material for exercises and student-inititated research in the classroom
  • Using C-Fern - Detailed explanations of the techniques, materials and methods for growing and handling C-Fern spores, gameotphytes and sporophytes. Also, Bibliography and Web Journal
  • Gallery - Images of wild type and mutant gameotphyte phenoytpes at various ages, sporophytes, habitats asnd other important images
  • Forum - Open discussion of issues pertaining to C-Fern use for research and / or teaching
  • Support - A selection of options for obtaining assistance in solving your problems with using C-Fern
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