Ethyl Methane Sulfonate Formulation Error

On page C3, line 33  in the C-Fern Manual (Additional Culture Instruction, Spore Mutagenesis):

The line  "39 mL 200 mM Na2HPO4 - H2O (FW 137.99; 2.67 g / 100 ml)"

should read  "39 mL 200 mM NaH2PO4 - H2O (FW 137.99; 2.76 g / 100 ml)"

Dr. Stan Roux and colleagues study how the environmental stimuli of light and gravity alter patterns of growth and development in plants. Germinating spores of Ceratopteris richardii (C-Fern) are used as a single-cell model system to examine the effect of gravity on orientation of nuclear migration and subsequent rhizoid development and growth.

C-Fern was carried on the STS-93 shuttle mission - 23 July 1999.

Gravitational Biology and Ceratopteris

by Dr. Stan Roux

The physiological responses of animals and plants to gravity are complex, involving the interaction of many different cell types. In order to simplify their study of the cellular basis of gravity sensing and responding, biologists have recently begun studying gravity effects in single cells, in which all the gravity sensing and responding occur in the same cell.